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Cancer Chat is moving to a new home, so we need to turn off the forum for a day or so. You can still read posts, but won't be able to sign up, log in or post a reply for a while. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, however if you need to contact us urgently please email

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Welcome to Cancer Chat

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 Welcome to Cancer Chat, Cancer Research UK's moderated forum community. We hope you find all the information and support you are looking for.

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Re: A special request to women in remission from breast cancer to take part in short online questionnaire about self-recovery 9 hours ago in Take part in studies & research   Views: 174   Replies: 1 by ak1 ak1
Re: My Dad 10 hours ago in Coping with loss   Views: 110   Replies: 1 by katielouie katielouie
Re: Continuing the journey 11 hours ago in Caring for someone with cancer   Views: 171,762   Replies: 1,376 by jules54 jules54
Re: I think it's back !!!!!! 11 hours ago in Living with cancer   Views: 3,780   Replies: 54 by jules54 jules54
Re: Thoughts on the Dying Process 11 hours ago in Dying with cancer   Views: 111,029   Replies: 520 by haff1 haff1
Re: Another urgent Colonoscopy 12 hours ago in Pre-diagnosis, signs & symptoms   Views: 4,030   Replies: 10 by unclefunk unclefunk
Re: amazing quotes 12 hours ago in Inspiration   Views: 267,193   Replies: 1,189 by woodworm woodworm
Re: Some goodish news, but more tests needed. 12 hours ago in Living with cancer   Views: 3,940   Replies: 55 by jules54 jules54
Re: Loop excision in the morning. Got everything crossed. 13 hours ago in Laughter is the best medicine   Views: 77   Replies: 2 by jules54 jules54
Re: Just found out my mum has cancer 13 hours ago in Newly diagnosed   Views: 189   Replies: 4 by suesol68 suesol68
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